Communication, Relationships, and Priorities: Parental and Provider Experiences of Infant Feeding Support on the Northeast Avalon

Christina Doonan, Julia Temple Newhook, Leigh Anne Allwood-Newhook, Anne Drover, Laurie Twells, Kevin Chan


Infant feeding is a subject of great interest and importance to those who advocate for the health and wellness of parents and babies. The infant feeding journey begins in pregnancy, as most pregnant individuals decide how they intend to feed their child before they give birth. Moreover, acquiring knowledge about the realities of infant feeding before birth is a key to success, however defined. Drawing on a longitudinal study in the Northeast Avalon region of Newfoundland, this report presents seven recommended actions to better support infant feeding, from a perspective within a province with the lowest breastfeeding rates in Canada. Informed by feminist participatory action research, the recommendations may be insightful for other regions struggling to better support infant feeding.

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