Challenge Perfectionism: An Interwoven Autoethnographic Discussion of Motherhood


  • Deepy Sur


This autoethnography investigates the intersection of motherhood and social work with my experience as a South Asian woman. Rarely do accounts of motherhood from racialized women offer a space to respond to the pressure to be perfect. Motherhood and mothering literature has increasingly incorporated the use of stories, voices, and experiences. Using narrative inquiry, I make sense of my memories with my children, particularly as a social worker in practice. I compare these stories to concepts of perfectionism and motherhood layered with South Asian cultural norms. Using this method enables me to analyze interpersonal tensions and social issues as I explore the complexity of feminist concepts and challenge perfectionism.
Mommy, why is it so hard to grow up? Even if I try my best, I’m scared I won’t know enough.
My dear daughter, nobody is perfect.
Is it okay to fail?
Only if you fail perfectly.




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