Art Looking within MotherScholarhood

Art Elicitation for Self-Reflections and Sense Making


  • Lauren E. Burrow
  • Chrissy J. Cross
  • Heather K. Olson Beal


This study continues the ongoing collaborative autoethnographic, arts-based scholarship of three MotherScholars (Burrow et al.). This study presents both the critical self-reflections resulting from and advocacy for the process of art elicitation (Burrow and Burrow), which is a valid and effective methodology to allow MotherScholars a vital pause for valuable personal self-interrogation and renewed clarity within their scholarship. Like our previous research, this study reaffirms that MotherScholars need space and time to reflect on the fluidity and flexibility of their personal-professional identity as it is affected by natural life changes (e.g., children leaving home for college), unexpected transitions (e.g., divorce), and trauma (e.g., global pandemics). The necessity to find malleability in the MotherScholar identity can help women in academia name what they need and recognize what they are already uniquely suited to handle.




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Burrow, L. E., Cross, C. J., & Olson Beal, H. K. (2023). Art Looking within MotherScholarhood: Art Elicitation for Self-Reflections and Sense Making. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, 14(1), 22. Retrieved from