Journal of the Motherhood Initiative Vol 7, No 2 (2016)

Journal of the Motherhood Initiative Vol 7, No 2 (2016) featuring artwork by Ruchika Wason Singh titled "Candy Dreams-I"
Ruchika Wason Singh, “Candy Dreams-I” (Project Transit Spaces), 2007, oil on canvas, 111.76 cms x 171.45 cms.
Artist statement: I do not see art making and mothering separate from each other. Both of them are a part of my identity, which I have shaped by the choices I have made in my life. Each one brings forth challenges, making me the person that I am. Often the experiences and challenges of one , impact the other. Some of these are apparent in my art and others in the inter-personal life. To me this is a process of growth, where I am constantly digging within myself, to create more profoundly and live a more meaningful life.; http://www.procreateproject. com/portfolio/ruchika-wason-singh; a-issue-n-9-ruchika-wason-singh-kristin-procter; watch?v=z8x9r-0uTl0.